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College Selection and Application
The college application process can be an overwhelming time in students' and their families'  lives.   We created Grays Hall College Counseling to help alleviate the stresses of this exciting time, and to allow students and their families to make smart decisions concerning which colleges to apply to ... and to attend!
Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid
Whether you need financial aid or you are simply hoping to make your saved dollars work, we can help.

Getting a Late Start?
It's not too late. Whether the best choice for your family is community college with a later transition to a 4- year college, or your family simply  hasn't started the application process, you're in the right place. Let's begin the process now!
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Make your College Dreams Come True!
Our goal at Grays Hall College Counseling is to provide you with the most excellent personalized service while maintaining the highest ethical standards.  We adhere to the guidelines of NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counseling.  Review the NACAC Principles of Good Practice now.

What We Can Do For You
We will design college counseling packages tailored specifically to you, based on your high school graduation year, to ensure you achieve your college dreams. 
Meet your Counselor, Arlette!
After helping her son and step-son go through the college application process, Arlette Bolduc decided to form Grays Hall College Counseling. Realizing just how overwhelming the process can be, Arlette wanted to create a business that would give students and their families peace of mind, and the assistance they need in this critical yet exciting time in their lives.

Arlette graduated from Harvard University then Loyola Law School and practiced law for over 20 years.  She has been an alumni interviewer for Harvard.  After helping her own family through the college process, Arlette took courses and obtained her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, and Grays Hall College Counseling was born.  Arlette works out of Torrance, California.  She is able to take on clients locally, as well as virtually, through the use of technology such as GoToMeeting.com and/or Skype.  This temporary site will be replaced very soon with great information regarding GHCC's services.

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